Located in the south metro and a member of South Suburban Conference, Lakeville South High School is home to a choral program committed to excellence.

This website benefits students, parents, and friends of the LSHS choirs. Whether you are a choir student looking for concert dates and announcements or a parent looking for information regarding tour, solo/ensemble contest, or volunteering and fundraising opportunities, I hope this website will be helpful.

Thank you for visiting and supporting Lakeville South choirs.

Julie A. Brott, M.A.
Director of Choral Activities

Curricular Courses

Concert Chorale

Auditioned choir, men and women, grades 10-12. This choir performs in 4 major home concerts, the South Suburban Conference Choir Festival and takes an extended tour every other year.

Bel Canto

Auditioned choir, women grades 10-12. Performs at four major home concerts each year and the South Suburban Conference Treble Festival.

Cougar Choir

Open to men and women, grades 9-12. Performs in four major home concerts and possibly a field trip.


Select auditioned ensemble, men and women, grades 10-12, specializing in the performance of vocal Collegiate A Cappella and jazz, madrigal and other a cappella literature. Performs regularly at community functions, home choir concerts, as well as competing in the International Championship of High School A Cappella through Varsity Vocals.

To book Encore for an event please email julie.brott@isd194.org.

Co-curricular Activities


Auditioned select 9-12 grade women, specializing in the performance of vocal jazz, a cappella, and other forms of literature. Will perform at the 4 major home concerts as well as community functions.  


Select 9-12 grade men, specializing in the performance of men’s a cappella, and other forms of literature. Will perform at the 4 major home concerts as well as community functions.

Annual Musical

Fully staged Broadway musical presented in April. Auditions soon after the holiday break. There are many opportunities for lead singing and acting roles, chorus people, dancers and stage crew.

Solo and Ensemble Contest

Choir members have the opportunity to participate as soloists, ensemble members or both at the Region I-AA Solo/Ensemble Contest in March. Performances are heard by qualified adjudicators who give constructive comments and score each performance to determine a rating for a possible medal or certificate. A great learning experience for singers. All soloists must have their literature selected by Thanksgiving Break.

Private Voice Lessons

Choir students are encouraged to participate in private voice lessons. A program of weekly voice lessons is offered during choir for interested students. A fee is paid by the student to the voice teacher with whom the student studies. Interested students are encouraged to act quickly as available spots will soon be filled. Notify your choir director or a voice teacher if you are interested.

Regional Festivals

Select individuals will have the opportunity to participate in major festivals, honor choirs and other experiences.

MMEA All-State Choir

Auditions are held for sophomores and juniors in March for the All-State Choir program. Audition involves performing a prepared solo and a sight-reading skills check. Singers who are selected spend one week in August on a college campus as a member of an elite Men’s Chorus, Women’s Chorus or Mixed Choir and perform again in February with their group at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis. Audition fee. Learn more about MMEA All choir here.

9th-10th Grade Honor Choir

Recorded auditions are held for freshmen and sophomores in early October for the 9th-10th Grade Mixed Honor Choir sponsored by ACDA. Auditions are recorded and submitted online.   Singers who are selected will spend one day rehearsing with the choir and will perform at the MMEA Convention TBD in Minneapolis. Music must be learned in advance. Audition fee.

Choir Handbook

Choir Tour 2021-2022

LSHS Choirs travel every other year. This year, we are headed to Southern France/Northern Italy. To Sign up or make payments, please visit WeTravel.

For questions regarding tour arrangements, please contact Mrs. Brott julie.brott@isd194.org. or Tami Johnson at Sunshine Travel tjohnson@sunshinetravelco.com.

Choir Leadership Information

Our student leaders play an important role in the success of the ensembles. Students in these roles are expected to serve as examples for all of our students through not only their words and actions, but also their rehearsal etiquette, general attitude, and overall involvement in the program; among their responsibilities is the regular demonstration and support of the core values of our department:

  • Responsibility through punctuality, following through with commitments, bringing supplies to rehearsal, communicating with the staff, delivering information to parents, and making a marked effort to improve musical skills and learn repertoire.
  • Professionalism by displaying self-discipline, working well with others, having an attitude of respect and presenting a positive image for the organization, while displaying the qualities of a professional musician.
  • Dignity by using appropriate language and etiquette, displaying self-motivation in rehearsal, and treating others with kindness and respect. 
  • Integrity through honesty with the director, oneself, and other students, regular attendance at school and out of school rehearsals and events.
  • Compassion through sensitivity and acceptance of diversity, displaying kindness and encouragement to peers, and showing sympathy for others.​

Leadership Roles

Leadership Application