Congratulations to Region 1AA Best In Site winners!


  1. Owatonna 1:50pm Baritone Solo
  2. Owatonna 2:20pm Vocal Solo
  3. Owatonna 2:30pm Tenor Solo
  4. Northfield 12:10pm Vocal Solo
  5. Lakeville South 2:00pm Vocal Solo
  6. Owatonna 10:40am Baritone Solo
  7. Northfield 9:20am Vocal Solo
  8. Lakeville South 1:50pm Women’s Ensemble (8)
  9. Lakeville South 2:30pm Vocal Solo
  10. New Prague 8:50am Vocal Quartet
  11. Owatonna am Vocal Solo (C. Nelson)
  12. Austin 1:50pm SSA Ensemble, New Prague 3pm Vocal Solo
  13. Owatonna 12:40pm Baritone Solo
  14. Owatonna 2:10pm Vocal Solo
  15. Kasson Mantorville 12:00pm Vocal Solo
  16. Kasson Mantorville 2:40pm Vocal Duet


  1. Austin 2:40pm Jazz Band
  2. Rochester John Marshall 2:30pm Percussion Ensemble
  3. Rochester Mayo 11am Snare Solo
  4. Rochester Mayo 3pm Marimba Solo
  5. Owatonna 1:20pm French Horn Solo
  6. Rochester John Marshall 12:50pm Trumpet Solo
  7. Owatonna 12:40pm Tuba Solo, Rochester John Marshall 11:30am Baritone Solo
  8. Rochester Mayo 10:30am Trumpet Solo
  9. Austin 1pm Trombone Solo, Rochester John Marshall 2:30pm Horn Solo
  10. Northfield 8:50am Trombone Solo
  11. Rochester Mayo 3:10pm Duet
  12. Rochester John Marshall 1:10pm Euphonium/Flute Duet
  13. Red Wing 3pm Flute Solo
  14. Rochester Mayo 11:10am Clarinet Ensemble
  15. Northfield 10:20am Bassoon Solo
  16. Owatonna 12:10pm Flute Solo
  17. Owatonna 2:50pm Oboe Solo
  18. New Prague 3:00pm Flute Solo
  19. Kasson Mantorville 10:50am Bassoon Solo
  20. Rochester John Marshall 10:30am Flute Solo, New Prague 10:40am Flute Duet
  21. Austin pm Cello Solo (Abby)
  22. Hastings 10:50am Violin and Cello Duet
  23. Owatonna 8am Bass Solo, Owatonna 10:40am Violin

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